Hear of the wondrous world Argelis
far away and yet so near, pearl of the universe,
centre of all
Let me tell you of evil and good,
forces in eternal war over this beautiful planet
As well you shall be told of Drakkon, father of
dragonkind, powerful and strong, sleeping deep
inside the core of this world
Ithan walks the beautiful meadows, eternal healer,
wise counselor and loving friend
somw would call him god
he says, he is a servant of true love
and evil does not see him
Great cities rise on every continent, both fair and foul
to behold, humankind has laid hands on nature and
the earth, great walls of stone rise into the sky
Elvenkind, so magical and proud, live in vast woods
of oldest growth, Aiyala is their Queen of Power with
hatred for dwarf and man
if war breaks out between those races. so often united
against bloodhungry darkness, Argelis might plunge
into a neverending abyss of destruction
Every thousand years a battle will be fought
The Lightgod chooses a mortal
The Black God does the same
Incarnation of Luxon combats Embodiment of Mhan Khoros
the winner takes all for another thousand years to come
All races choose sides to struggle in this bloody war
even Drakkon, the sleeper must awaken for a decision
only Ithan, the peaceful, is untouched by the clamour
of war, receives so many crying souls to lead, and his
tears for the suffering or lost are uncounted
People of the water fight firemen of mountain home,
flying women and men, aerial and swift, descend in fury
onto earthen beings
Amidst them all, the orders of light and their enemies,
the black clans in deadly battle
soulfire against dark breath
demon against mortal warrior
and warlord against warlord to end it all
But see the beauty of Argelis in peace and serenity
come to the caves of blue fire to cleanse your mortal soul
visit the palace of crystal where Galdan the keeper resides
sneak into the elven kingdom where greatest trees of old hold
mighty cities of shining silver
descend to the dwarfish caves for glittering diamond halls
dive into the ocean where sea folk build marvels of coral
climb the greatest mountains where dragon eye follows
every step and giant wings gather the rays of the morning sun
or walk the cities of man, to behold houses small and
palaces great, to see clothing of every color and hue,
proud knights and fine ladies in silk and gold
Cross the dimensions, curious traveller!
See the wonders of Argelis!


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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