Canticle of the Grey Knight

grey knight resting in the land of shadows
gathering new strength in the twilight
the creatures of grey salute him

grey knight favours war and strife
peace and love are dreams
still there is hope
but the land of darkness teaches otherwise

grey knight listens to wise words
and his everlasting soul
a blade of tempered steel is his defense

and any woman shall be advised
the grey knight will judge and select
and no succubus can break his heart anymore

cautiously I walk the lands of grey
let the twilight shroud me
white is too pure, darkness too dirty
grey is in balance, harmony

many want to be lords,
many command or crave power,
I renounce the ties to man
and be myself here, amongst the creatures of grey

light I know, the healing, the protection, the retaliation
darkness I know, pleasure to inflict pain on others, hatred, evil

but grey, the land in between, I visit anew
stranger in a strange land
follow me.

forge a single blade of twilight
to protect the shadow and its truth

let us hide from light and darkness
in the one true realm of silence

there we find peace and harmony
between the creatures of grey

and then, we speak true of our hearts desire
and wounded souls healed by love

walker in the shadows
peaceful stranger in the twilight
grey knight without weapons
rest at the forlorn tree

be welcomed grey knight
valorous fool, strong fighter,
weak child, hopeless lover,
endless seducer, pious monk

there you gain strength and peace
amongst the creatures of grey
and darkness is a place of harmony
without the aggression of evil

come with me, stay with me
let us be one in peaceful silence
no lie can murder the truth
no crime can destroy faith
here in the land of grey


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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