Defender of Light

Out of Despair, out of Hopelessness
Out of darkness, out of Suffering
You hear the thundering hooves coming
The Clamor of sword against shield
and the flashing bright appearance
of the Last Righteous Knight, your defender
his sword, long and sharp
to kill the monsters that hunt you:
hatred and fear, doubt and loneliness
his shield, made of hardest metal and strongest faith
to shelter your bleeding hurt soul
his armour, impenetrable, shining, glowing with light
to be a guidance for you, to lead you through darkness
his gentle compassionate eyes, windows to a pure soul
to make you feel accepted, welcome and at home
his hands, strong and yet so tender,
to heal, to comfort and to bless you
his voice, deep and full of love, in eternal friendship,
caressing your wounded soul, sealing your bleeding heart
If you cry in deepest night
he is there for you, wiping away needless bitter tears
relighting the fire of your beautiful soul
If there is a danger threatening you
the Knight rides to your defense, shattering all enemies
with glorious might and saving you
If you fall, I help you get up again
If you feel bad, I cheer you up, make you smile
I fyou loose your power, I give you mine
If you are tired, I guard your sleep, never resting, always vigilant
If you are angry, I soothe you with calm voice and gentle touch
And If you need me, I am there for you.

The Knight, defender of truth, justice, honour and Light


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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