Galdan, the Chronicler

I am Galdan, scribe and recordkeeper of my world, although I am
old I can still fulfill my duty and will be there, until the allmighty
creator decides otherwise. I have lived very long, to see my beautiful
world rise… and fall as well. I conversed with Drakkon, Protector of
Argelis, and talked to Elven Kings as well. So many things I have done,
and yet, so few time to remember them all. Once I was young, searched
joy and pleasure, a good time it was, full of peace.The human nations
were at rest, with themselves and with all other races. Prosperous was
that era, and Evil was silent. But soon, the Cycle should begin anew,
and Mhan Khoros chose, as well as Luxon, an embodiment in the visual
world. My first time to see a thousand year war, and the world crumbled
to chaos and anarchy. Mountains did rise, cracks appeared in the earth,
dragons breathed destruction, armies clashed on barren fields, knights
were ripped apart by horrors of darkness and the lightwarriors did come
from the sky, commanded by dead heroes of old. I fled from this war,
and was wounded by poisonous arrow, near death I lay and a mighty
voice spoke to me, a voice so deep and clear, it must have been a God.
I couldnt understand the ancient words, but felt their might before I lost
my sight and strength. I heard of gods, of Luxon Anjhuri, light of life,
of Mhan Khoros, his black arch enemy, and of numerous other gods,
Ithan one of them. But this was not one of them, he was … mightier.
How unbelievable, that. The next thing I recall is that I woke up in an
breathtaking palace, made entirely of crystal, and I did knew all……
How can it be described when the knowledge of an entire planet
thousands of years streams into your head, a mortal would certainly
become crazy. And for an endless second, my mind reeled from the
blow of knowledge, but then I rose. So much became clear, so many
secrets were unraveled, and just as if I had an urgent need, I walked
o a chamber, the way known to me like I was born in that palace, took
up a feather and plunged it almost automatically into the ink, and began
to write….. for days, for weeks, for months….
and after one year of endless writing, no sleep, no food, I was finished…..
and thousands of parchments filled this chamber. The allmighty voice I
did never hear again, but sometimes when I wander through this palace,
I feel watched, by eyes unimaginable, far away, and with unlimited power
in their gaze. So now I am the Scribe of the World, many chambers are
filled with my tomes, and the truths inside them would enlighten every
mortal being. But nobody can reach the Crystal Palace, be it through
force or through peace, for too valuable are the secrets contained within.
I am now many thousand years old, my body has aged, and ages still,
millions of wrinkles are in my once comely face. A stick I have to use
to walk slowly, but thank the Creator, I can walk still….
The Past is my business, I can recall every little fact, of every little being,
in every place of the world, but the Future is hidden from me. In one of
the Chambers of this great Palace is a bluish crystal, as high as a grown
man, a tool for conversation and a magnifying glass for Argelis. Drakkon
I see and talk to, in the depths of the world, hearing his concerns about his
son, Thor’akkon. The most beautiful Aiyala I behold, sitting in her chambers,
weaving an exquisite blanket made out of silver hair which her maidens
offered her as gift. And oh! Her voice, her endless tender echoing voice….
its the most alluring and s ensual of experiences, and would I be younger…
ah, my heart would follow her around the world. The Human Kingdoms
I make out as well, there, little, the mighty nations, divorced by squabble,
and in deadly conflict as well. Evil works well in these times, and soon,
another Thousand Year War will tear the peaceful planet apart. Eight such
wars I have witnessed, and I cannot remain calm viewing this horrible thing,
I would hide if I could but my duty calls, to record for the Future all that
happenes on Argelis, the Pearl of the Universe, in the Name of my Creator.


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