Grey Knight’s Home

Land of the Grey Lords, untamed, wild and free.

The Pathway hidden, the Gates closed, the Walls high.

Dreams mix with Reality, the Wind wispers of Loneliness.

Here I am, there I stay, until the End draws near.


Land of War and Strife! Where the Grey Knight joins the Battle.

All you Cowards and Traitors, all you Sinners and Unbelievers,

my Pride is endless, and my Sword made of flaming Justice.

No Rest for the Wicked and no Mercy for the Vile.


Last Refuge, my eternal Home, Land of the Grey Lords,

the mighty gnarled Tree, where my Armor leans against the Bark,

where my Sword lies in the Grass, where I am at Rest, peaceful,

alone. Every Warrior needs a Sanctum and this is mine.


And the Wish is to never return to the Field of War. The Land of

War and Strife, where I must battle, survive and win. But all this

has a mighty and eternal Prize, to one day find my Hearts Desire.

And all Powers be cursed, I will not yield or surrender or give up.


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I am the Grey Knight.

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