Grey Knight’s War

peace is a distant dream of the past.

it always was and maybe will be.

i see evil surrounding me, uncouth creatures,

scum and villainy, idiots and whores,

bandits and rogues.


should i change to white, cleanse them

with the burning light of truth? use the

righteousness of the white knight to

overcome their evil magic?

or change to black, decapitating the

snakes, swift and deadly? use the

strength and prowess in battle of

the black knight to hack them to pieces?


you come in front of me, insulting,

laughing, attacking, your foul stench

seeping through my clothes, your

rotten thoughts infecting my purity.

how long till i strike back? till the red line

is crossed? when will my sword be

drawn in defense and finally repel,

attack and overpower all of you

miserable wretches?


I pray to the lord, that i wont go to war,

but I am ready to do so. See the Signs,

all you worshippers of evil, go away and be

silent, trouble me no more, your words and

smiles and kisses are filthy treason, corruption,

and final damnation. I will never be like you.


all you servants of evil, grinning beautiful demons,

let it be known, i am still a defender of true love,

a believer in this mighty force,

and a champion for this eternal power,

you cannot touch my ideals, you cannot corrupt

my being, and you cannot make me one of you.


one thing is for sure, vile demons of the past

and present, I wont go down without a fight,

and kill many of you until my life is spent and I

travel to the glorious lands in the nether void,

where i will be king forever.


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I am the Grey Knight.

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