Khosari anora

The Litany of Suffering
my soul is bleeding, my heart is shattered
my light is gone, my faith is dying
I sink to my knees, having lost every battle
I cry in vain salty tears
I call for help, but nobody hears me
tired and forgotten
lost and grey
I am nothing, I am a shadow
illusions of might, treacherous lie
I was never strong, never a knight
it hurts so much, deep in my soul
stop the pain, please, stop the pain
I suffer so much, why, god, have you chosen me?
I fall, stand up and fall again
every day I die a bit more
until nothing is left, until I am extinguished from
the uncaring world
cautious were my attempts to make friends
I was rejected, my desperate calls for help unheard
defeated, destroyed, betrayed
one human cannot bear so much
nothing evil did I ever intend
no dark deeds have I committed
pure is my soul, yes, vulnerable and tender
that is why I have to suffer, to be tormented by darkness
I cling to the shining light, I will always be faithful to my god
where are you, now, that I need you, great Lord?
please, I need help right now, desperation eats away my life
alone, alone, so cursed and damned
all because of ugliness, all because nobody ever supported me
it is not fair, it is not justice, it is not right
all that I ever wanted was to be a human


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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