Mhan Khoros

I am Power, I am Might, I am Darkness. My Rule is absolute in the Night, and my
Will is to conquer, to destroy and to kill. The Weak perish, the Strong rule, under
my Name, under my Sigil, under my burning Eyes. When all things were made, I
was also made, along with my cursed Brother, along with my Archenemy. Eternal
War is what I desire, and never shall he rest, for I cannot be unmade, I am a God.
So I use my Power, my Might, my Darkness to call forth unimaginable Horror, to
plague all Races, to torment all Beings, and to submit them to my unrelenting Will.
Worship me, and I give you Power, disappoint me, and you die. Only the Strongest
may rule, only they are fit to proclaim my Will. Every thousand Years I come to
the World, like a devastating Thunderstorm, I shake the Mountains, I rip open the
Earth, and I dry out the Rivers and fill them with the Blood of my pitiful Enemies.
War is my Lust, Evil is my Pleasure, and Death my Home. Creation is corrupted
by my Perversion, Nature bends to my black Desire. Wherever I walk, I leave
Destruction, twisted Souls and tortured Flesh. Sacrifice is what I demand,
Innocence must be murdered and Purity raped. And so I rule over the my People,
with brutal and merciless hand, rewarding and punishing. And to every Demon
Prince, Ruler of his own Sphere of Evil, I gave a Kingdom, a Home, to build me
Armies, to worship me with hellish Spawn. My Lieutenants in the War, their
Names are: Sun’Urtha, Lord of War, Shankara, Lady of Pain, Sruul Gorghu, Lord
of Greed, Baar Necra, Lord of Unlife, Il’Jarach, Lord of Lie, Kah’mura, Lord of
Plague, Kraal, Lord of Beasts. I gave them all, I take all from them, ruled by Fear
alone, I laugh at their meager Position. Instruments, to be used, are they, and
nothing more. And Ruler, and Embodiment, and my absolute Incarnation shall
be a Mortal, shall be a Being of Argelis, shall be a Chosen, a blessed Creature.
And to this one, I shall come in my true Form, horrible and painfull to behold,
and this Chosen One, my  Vessel, shall feel the absolute Power of his God. His
Eyes shall bleed, his Soul shall writhe in Agony, and I laugh at the destruction
of his very Essence, which I do eat, bit by bit, until I am sated, until I exist on
Argelis. Then, the Time of War shall come, and my endless Armies shall sweep
over the World, bringing Darkness and Destruction.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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