Shame of the Vedai

Once, there was a great Race called Vedai. Great towering beings with
red skin, dotted with black scaly points and glowing yellow eyes. They
commanded respect in anyone who saw them but never did they do harm,
for their Codex of Honor was strong. Terrible foes in battle, they wielded
their magical arm blades, metal melded with their flesh. The People
said: never confront an Vedai if his armblades are extended. Few were
the wars, the Vedai had to wage, and over the centuries they had become
peaceful, harnessing their power of the mind, not of the body anymore. But
then came Evil, the Black God himself appeared amongst the Vedai, and
his Claws ripped out the Hearts of the Righteous. But to the Shame of
the Race, many Vedai welcomed evil and the promises of power it made.
And so my Race turned to Darkness. In the coming years the Vedai were
the cruelest attackers, they listened too well to the lies the Black God told
them. Town by Town, Fortress by Fortress fell before the relentless attacks
of my people. How many lives we took cannot be said, but all of that added
to our shame. In the name of darkness, we eradicated other races, made
them our slaves and expanded our empire. We ruled our Dimension, we
honoured our new God with bloody sacrifices. But then, our Savior came.
It was the Beginning. Out of Nowhere came a Being who told us about our
Past, about days not covered by blood and war. And it spoke of our Shame.
The Name of Being was Jharnu. And slowly my People began to listen.
All attempts to assassinate Jharnu, the Savior, failed, and even the Eye
of the Black God, Mhan Khoros, could not see our Rescuer. And after a
Time, rebellion started, and to add to our shame, Vedai fought Vedai in
a civil war nearly lasting two hundred years. The Black God took some
of the Vedai, who were fiercely loyal, with him, we now call these the
akusha-vedai, the lost vedai. Eventually we could overthrow the reign
of darkness, and with the aid of the Saviour, blessed be his name, we
regained our own way of life once more. But the damage to our Honour,
and to our souls was done. The Vedai had become an evil race, they
reeked of the smell of darkness and any being we encountered fled
before us, sensing our blackish-grey auras. And the Saviour comforted
us in this hour, Jharnu was with us, and we took the Path of Redeeming,
the Path of Healing. But our Path is long and hard, not even Jharnu could
tell us how long it would take to become who we were once more. Now,
in the 125th Year of our Freedom, the Path is not complete, and the Vedai
are still smelling of the evil they committed. The Shame is still with us.
I am Tarmac, of the Vedai, and I have sworn to undo the Shame to
my Race. My Brethren and Sisters are with me, now waging war in
the Name of our Saviour, in the Name of the Light, against the foul evil
that betrayed us and corrupted us. Happily I will die if I can rescue the
life of another being assaulted by the forces of evil. Jharnu has long left
us, we wait for his Return, for the completion of our healing. The Vedai
are not numerous anymore, and those we made our slaves did take their
own revenge when the Fall of the Vedai Empire began. Difficult is the
Future, and our wounds are slowly closing. But the Vedai have Hope
in their hearts, and we all know, the Time of our Rebirth, the Defeat of
our shame, will come.

Tarmac, of the Vedai


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