Sovalkon’s Way

your power will grow, no doubt
you will lead, others will follow
shining soul, light of hope

but your fate must change
you must fall, to rise again
one gate, you have to pass

they will catch you, you will lose
your might is limited, your power gone
the darkness laughs, Toshrak has won?

torture, pain, humiliation
i would spare you that fate
but it has to be, there is no other way

know this: i will never leave you
always be at your side
for i have promised, a long time ago

death will take you, sovalkon, my child
you will fall into the ocean of darkness
to the ground you sink, cold silence

there you will be alone, only omun’s gaze upon you
your flesh destroyed, your soul dormant
defeated, gone, forgotten?

see! my hand plunges into that ocean of nothingness
takes you, wakes you, brings your soul up
into the new dawn, the light, salvation!

to ilianq you go, with me, and stay there
an eternity of healing, remembering
and preparation

once you are back, the one who died and lives again
you will be truly my avatar
my instrument, my power, my law

bursting with soulfire, having seen what no other could see
you can lead my armies
for nothing evil throws at you, can defeat you

there is nothing to fear then
for undeath is a mockery of your limitless life
there is nothing to challenge you
for demonspawn cannot resist your burning justice

only one you will then face
the avatar of my enemy
and this will be your final battle
deciding the fate of argelis once more


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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