Call to Sorinax

O great, insurpassable Sorinax
that you roamest in the greatest depths
and livest in the darkest halls

hear thy humble, cowering servant
unworthy, but faithful
calling in eternal need

come forth, burst through earth and hardest stone
show thy overpowering might, release thy hottest rage
and let thy claws plunge into enemy’s flesh

bring fear to our damned foes
destroy their brood, eliminate their future
we surrender to your endless wisdom, unrelenting strength, and utmost greatness

we bow to your venerable, everlasting power
we praise your searing flame and vengeful, deadly magic
and we listen to your endless wise command

Sorinax, greatest of them all
deepest of them all
most cunning of them all

elder ancient dragon of old
father of the young
leader of dragonkind

beloved child of drakkhon
son of the proudest line
hear our desperate call

come to our aid
rescue us
rule us


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I am the Grey Knight.

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