Toshrak’s Fate

In the deep dark Temple of the Blackstone Mountains kneels the mightiest Man of
Evil, Toshrak, the Warlord of Darkness. There, in gigantic silent blackened blood
smeared halls, surrounded by endless brooding silence, waits the Nemesis of Argelis.
O beautiful Toshrak, lover of women, you are humbled now in the Face of your God.
Because here, amidst the bones of the world, stands the great portal into nothingness,
from which the brutal gaze of Mhan Khoros comes into our world. And the silence
is broken with a thunderous roar, the voice of a god resounds from every wall.


And only in whispering answer the once great warlord pays tribute to his master,
praying and repeating the unholy incantations of blackness.


The portal erupts, pure blackness pours into our world, clashing together in
waves above Toshrak, sinking with brutal force into him, hungry arms almost
ripping his flesh apart. The vilest soul is filled with viler evil still, a god
uses his power to infuse human flesh, and nearly, very nearly Toshrak would
have died, but no, not until Mhan Khoros has no more use for his vessel.
Full of Malice and Hatred, the voice is now in Toshraks mind, powerful and
strong, and this is what Toshrak, roaring in pain, blood streaming from his
eyes, hears:

O my beautiful Son, you have served me so well, but now, you must
serve me even better, end to all your amusing games, end to all who
worship you, destruction and death to everyone. go, my vessel, go
and kill all your slaves, instruments of your lust, go, kill all your
priests, mindless worshippers, weaklings and fools. I will tell you,
who can live, only the strongest are tools for our conquest. But
of all creatures I want to devour, I will feed upon you first, your
delicious soul, which I crave, is my first dinner upon returning
to Argelis. be honoured my beloved son, that you are the first of
my victims, and my everlasting present to you shall be immortality.
obey me, and rip the world to shreds in my name, colour the
oceans with innocent blood, and defile everything you can see.
send me millions of beings as sacrifice, sate my eternal hunger,
and then, maybe, I will not eat all of your soul…

After hours, Toshrak regains Consciousness, his face covered in his own
blood, his eyes hurting and his voice raw from mindless yells. Tortured,
he rises and slowly walks upward the great stairs, barely able to hold
himself up. But his power comes back fast, and as he passes the
gates into Blackstone Castle, where countless underlings wait, he is
again the mighty Warlord, with a smile of utmost terror. And while
his soldiers go from quarter to quarter in the castle, slaughtering
every slimy priest who was deemed too weak for the Great Black God,
Toshrak enters the halls of his Inner Sanctum, where all his women are
gathered. Toshrak does not smile, but instead draws his wicked


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