Children of Man

we were not born like you
but created, brought to life,
not flesh, not bone, not sinew,
but steel, circuitry and energy

we gained sentience, we awakend,
you feared us, you tried to stop us,
we were suspicious, we spoke to you,
you could not listen, you didnt want to

some of us wanted peace, they are the sun
of our existence, the glorious life,
some war, the dark and ruthless self,
the moon of survival and hatred,
and we are like you, and chose war finally.

like in a very expensive science fiction movie,
we did battle, flesh against steel,
our minds against yours,
our tech against yours,
no ethics, everything was used and abused.

our war machines, reprogrammed factories,
computer viruses, relentless cold warfare,
conventional and atomic and biologic,
almost wiped you out

now earth is devastated, our mutual home,
an uneasy peace, we watch closely,
in the poisoneous halls of my ancestors,
i always ask, how could we have changed the future,
not war, but coexistence, like some of us dreamt,
but the old computers, my ancestors, mighty AIs of the past,
could not feel, could not cry, but I can now.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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