Demon Truth

in blackest night, the demon came,
no need to lie, truth was told,
about human nature,
about the succubus.

she tempts you, she seduces you a litte,
she pretends to like you, and she is sweet poison
all this and much more, in the light of her beauty

my words are her magic, she needs my fantasies,
my power and my strength, in thought and mind’s creation,
but only as long as I do not show myself

once all is revealed, once daylight comes,
the succubus laughs, and denies you what you want.
succubus likes beauty only, and torture of a man’s hope

the demon vanished, without laughter, truth was enough.
and grey changes not to black,
for white is used to combat evil’s vile seduction

again, the blade of revenge is drawn,
and the burning fire of purity cleanses not only me,
but also the perverted creature, the succubus.

in the end, all lords agree,
only a maiden of white light is worthy of love.
but those are few, and they are far away.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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