love is the highest of all powers,
the greatest might, and the deepest force.
love is the final gate and the underlying truth.

hatred is a swift and rash storm,
a tidal wave, a quake of earth,
fire and thunder, blood and tears.

love is like an ocean, like the sun,
like endless burning stars,
and like time, everlasting and eternal.

lust is but a shadow of love,
a fleeting amusement, a poisonous drug,
passion and love united is the only answer.

true love, you walk amongst mortals,
you elevate them from small to great,
you shield them from harm and evil,
you create hope and new life.

all hail to the lovers.
and power to the seekers of love.
damned be the lords of hatred,
death for evil and destruction.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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