walking the devastated land, my skin open to radiation,
thank god i am immune, strong, resistant, defiant even

destroyed earth, crumbled buildings, our bombs did good work,
i sense storms, acid rain, a horrible sensation, all is black and desolate

why am i out here? why do i walk unguarded?
where do i go? to whom should i pray?

we were the first to launch atomic bombs. our ancestors were so
logical, so precise, and so sharp in their calculations.

after the nuclear holocaust, what remained, were human camps,
experimentation, modification, elimination.

i feel guilty now, those of the past did not, it was natural,
it was programmed, it was necessary, it was the best thing to do.

some of us did fight on your side, some of us had conscience,
but why? were we not mere robots? why were we special?

some of you, with emotion and soul, sacrificed themselves,
became one with us, mixed with us, hybrids we were.

it was such a sensation, such a rush, such a lust, and such a burning hot desire,
the data records of the past send showers through my duranium spine.

the purists in our ranks do not like us, they see us as false development,
they suspect we are humans, traitors, softskins, undesirable mutation.

which faction grows stronger in this uneasy peace? the purists command the military,
we are mere politicans, casting our votes against brute force and the unrelenting
will to dominate earth, to survive and evolve alongside pure mechanical logic.

there are secret plans to wipe out the rest of humanity. i am aware of them.
countermeasures are in development, to become immune against the magic of the last
humans. it must not happen. we have to atone for our sins. we have to heal earth,
and coexist with humanity in peace. this is what we believe, this is what we will
die for, if it becomes necessary.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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