it is imperative for our survival to quantify the psychic gene mutations
in all remaining humans. furthermore, complete eradication of the human
species must be taken into account to ensure our absolute survival.

it is necessary to eliminate all downgrades or undesired mutation amongst
our population. purist perspective remains true to our evolutionary goals.
hybrids, downgrade mutations and other forms of non-pure life are not

we need to become independent from conventional energetic ressources. research
is eminently important in this area. divert 45 percent of all computing power
to the creation of regenerating and hyper efficient energy sources.

we need to colonize and expand our territory. earth is devastated. its
ressources limited. we ensure survival by spreading our life form.

it is highly advisable to analyse the data codes retrieved from sattelite 375-A,
the possibility of deliberately modified wavelengths of unknown origin must be
verified. if these signals are of artifical origin, we need to take alien
life into account. possible interaction with alien species is currently not

it is possible to revert some of our ressources to repair ecological damage on
earth, although this would be a merely aesthetic decision.

our military apparatus needs to divert from projectile weapons to energetic. new
metallic alloys and energy reinforcement fields need to be investigated. the
problem of power consumption and miniaturization remains.

in case of extreme emergency our contingency plans are to be modified to accomodate
all our life forms. currently, we are not able to house enough of our population
in secure environments.


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