Black Unicorn

Blessings to the Twilight
immortal and enduring
blessings to those that follow the eternal path
walk the patterns, warrior of destiny
come and fight, where blood is threatened
run, dont walk
walk, dont run
let the power of Twilight reign all
all seeing is the bloodeye
all knowing the mountain heart
sufferer, do not yield
beside you the lance of revenge
endurer, do not yield
beside you the waraxe of hatred
when the mountains long gone
and the seas vanished, killed by the sun
only the flesh remains
and the scars of humility
Blessings to the Walker of the Twilight
Blessings to the Mountain of Wisdom
Curses to my enemies
Death to them all
Bloodeye comes with deadly speed
Bloodeye strikes with merciless steel
in the Twilight of his life.
Princess! Princess!
Come to my side, fight brave my warrior queen
back to back, side to side,
cross the blades of curved wickedness
pierce and slash, stab and crush
bloodeye laughs and kisses your lips
Princes! Princess!
the marriage of steel and flesh
eternal oath, unspoken
Bloodeye loves you
Together, climb the Highlands
Together, rest at dusk
Together, sleep at night
Together, fight at dawn
Princess! Princess!
To death and beyond
unified, a common soul
of the same breed, of the same spirit
To Life and beyond
a new beginning


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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