Khosari tarmak

The Litany of War

This is my oath, my eternal truth, until I die
I will not doubt or change this creed
The Time of peace is over, war has begone
I will not hesitate and join the battle with full force
The weapons are ready, my axes hunger for blood, flesh
and bone – there will be no mercy
Quick and deadly I will assault my enemies
no one shall survive – be it man, be it woman, be it Old one,
be it child – all will die
My enemies’ sins are uncounted, their vileness unparalleled,
their evil unimaginably great, it s my duty and sworn oath to
exterminate them – only when all are dead do I have the freedom
to die – there will be no mercy
Never do I stop, never do I rest, and never do I sleep until my
mission is fulfilled, until the silence of victory is here
I wont hesitate to do the cruelest deed, I will not falter when the
time of truth comes and I will prove I am worthy in the eyes of
my god
Bound to the Codex of the Warrior I will act swiftly and mercilessly
to be victorious, no torture to my enemies, quick death!
My blade slashes their throats, my axe shatters their bodies, my
lance pierces their lungs, my shield deflects their blows, my
raging eyes consume them alive – there will be no mercy
Discipline, Strength, Endurance, Determination and Justice are my
tools, my mind is focused, clear and sharp, hatred is a thing of the
past, now death will end it all
This is my oath, this is my creed
unchanged, true and powerful
I will kill, others will die
that is the way of the warrior
There will be no mercy

Xaresh, Warrior


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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