Glory to the Empress

Of all the Women, Desanis Ajunar, Empress of
the old Lands, was the most glorious, the most
shining and the most brave. She, who was beautiful
in some Eyes, but not in all, had the inner Light,
the Power of the Soul, and was betrayed by those,
she loved.

I, one of her Betrayers, payed my Price, was seduced
by Succubi, thrown into the Abyss of Passion, and
was corrupted by Evil and Darkness. I commanded the
Legion, and my Men followed, others rescued my
beloved Empress, while I was busy kneeling before

But I also swore an Oath, and by Omun, the Endless
Guardian of Death, I will keep it. Remorse have I,
want to undo my Betrayal, but Desanis Ajunars Heart
is rightfully closed.

So we, the Dead of the Legion, float in Omun’s Realm,
without Substance, Shadows of our former Selves,
groan and lament our Fate, we are Spectres, unholy
and dangerous.

But we are freed from Evil and have paid our Debts, Omun
has granted us a Home, and honors our eternal Oath.
For we return, when our Empress needs us again, and
atone for our Sins, so the One God forgives us
eventually. The Legion of the Empress, nine Thousand
strong, will come to the new Land once more, and no
hellish Spawn will be allowed to touch our Empress,
Desanis Ajunar, whom we serve forever now.


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