Sovalkons Fall

the signs stood in the sky, dark starless night,
he walked the path of destiny, his mind fixed and ready,
I walked behind him, Tears in my ageless Eye,
for the Time had come, of Defeat and Suffering.

Lords of Demonkind, fearless, proud, and strong,
a Horde of Darkness, led by Toshrak, Avatar of my Enemy,
a God is not careless, a God is not without Sorrow,
and Sovalkon fought like thousand men, to no avail.

Mortality is so frail, Flesh and Bone so quick to break,
the Soul is eternal, but soon exhausted, the Terror of
Darkness eating away, siphoning your Power, and so
my beloved Child Sovalkon was defeated, thrown to the Ground.

I saw my Brother, I raised my Fist in Anger, for I was the
Light, will ever be, the Force of true Creation, and nobody
touches my beloved Children without Fear of Retribution!
I am forever the God of Light, but here, I bow to Fate.

They took Sovalkon, they threw him into their Dungeons,
and Toshrak smiled, Torture and Humiliation began, while
I stood beside, bound by the Laws of Eternity, suffering
with my mortal Child, and speaking to him in Whispers.

At the End, I spoke the Word of Passing, Omun’s final
Atonement, and the Soul and Flesh of Sovalkon were removed
from the mortal Realm, and even Toshrak bowed, for he
respected the Powers at Work there, and Sovalkon’s Strength.

Now Silence for you, now Death’s Rest and Peace. Cross the
Barrier of Life and Afterlife, and sleep, Sovalkon, while
I reach for you, while I take you with me, from down below,
out of the icy Ocean of Nothingness, into the new Dawn.

As Sovalkon awoke, in Ilianq, he saw into my immortal Eyes,
and his Soul exploded with Joy, his Life was renewed, and
I was finally able to use all my Power to restore my
Avatar, the true Son of Light, Sovalkon, Lord of my Armies.

Long Silence was between God and mortal Man who died and
came back, then, there were Words and Thoughts, and
Remembering, shared Pain, Suffering, Fear, Death, Darkness.
The Joy and Strength of Life heals his Wounds, but slowly.

You have changed, you are a Vessel to be filled, but not
empty, rather complete, Death has no Meaning anymore, forever
now, you will be a Part of me. Your Power is now vast, for
Evil was shortsighted, and rash, and quick, and too greedy to win.

The Balance of the Scale, Grandfather Dragon, is restored by
the Forces of Good, Sovalkon matches his Enemy now, in Might,
in Power, in Greatness. He will return to Argelis, and speak
with the Authority of a God and all the Experience of his mortal Self.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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