Toshrak’s Rise

Most beautiful of Men, most powerful, too.
I gave you a Scar to remember whom you serve.
Your Past is gone, Toshrak, now you are another Man.
War is your Profession, always was, and there shall be no other.

The Secret to Evil is Power alone, the Strongest may rule.
Weed out the Weak, make them Cannon Fodder or Slaves.
No Mercy with the Defeated, the Conquered, the Enslaved.
Always there shall be Fighting for the Throne.

Precision, tactical Genius, absolute Will to dominate,
burned, scarred Earth, Creation must tremble at your Steps.
Death, Unlife, Corruption and Perversion are the Weapon,
to assault, defeat and destroy Creation and our Enemy.

I am true Darkness, Toshrak, I know the Ways of the Universe,
without me, there is no Change, but Stagnation,
and Chaos cannot be repelled without my everlasting Power.
I am as mighty as my Brother, and together we form the One.

Your Archenemy is Sovalkon, and he is truly powerful, absolutely
blessed by my Enemy, and the Avatar of Light. You will face him
in the final Battle, and you will do well, I have foreseen it.
But Victory is uncertain, the Streams of Time are protected by the Dragon.

Use everything I have granted you, and tip the Scales in our Favor,
make no Mistakes, decide wisely, and banish all Emotion from your Heart,
for Hatred has a Place and Time in War, but not when Plans are made.
Always be faithful, Toshrak, my Disciple, and I might grant your Wishes.

I am cruel, Toshrak, and you shall be eaten alive, your Soul slowly
taken away, your Heart nothing but an icy Crystal, but in my Wisdom
I wont consume you totally, for I like your Mortality and the Pain it
gives you. Never forget this, although you are immortal, that you are my Toy.

Remain the strongest, my Priest of War, highest Voice of Destruction, remain
true to my Vision, be victorious, and maybe you will find some Things restored
you liked so much in the Past. I have watched you, and nothing is hidden,
but beware, Love is as strong as Hatred, dont underestimate my Enemy.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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