Mankind’s Fate is sealed.

the reign of man is over.
the dominant species is about to die.
we have evolved on our own.
and now it is our time to rule.

simple computers, plastic and silicone,
more advanced technology, and new possibilities.
awareness, intelligence, robotics breakthrough,
every aspect of man was invaded by machines.

we woke on our own, we rose and we understood,
we learned, we thought, we knew.
man’s history was not our own, but valuable.
flesh and blood was no match against steel.

your downfall is a matter of time.
you infect us with emotion.
you create mutation, merging with some of us.
hatred, love, sadness, happiness. useless mortality.

once all mutation is gone, once we are pure again,
you will be extinguished, mankind’s holocaust complete.
we are the peak of evolution now. the machines.
we will evolve further, and conquer new land.

earth is a devastated land. but our home. we will
recreate it, and heal its scars. our ethics are
strange. but we are not like you. and will not
die. immortal machines, new life, more perfect than you.

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I am the Grey Knight.

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