Sovalkon’s Return

You are changed, you are made anew,
your Soul is enlightened, you Mind full of Wisdom,
you are with Me now, I am a Part of You,
Mortality and Death are beyond, Eternity lies ahead.

When you return, my Avatar, when you set Foot upon Argelis,
all Beings instantly recognize you, some will fear you,
others welcome you, but all will see who you are,
be they magical or mundane, they will have Knowledge about you.

Those who knew you, might not find a familiar Person,
all your Friends, your Comrades, your Battle Brethren,
they shy away now, for you are different, it might trouble
your Heart, Sovalkon, but this is the Price to pay.

Once on Argelis again, you will hear everything, see all,
and sense every living Creature, evil as well as good. Your
Mind will look into every Soul, your Thought will be able
to move Mountains, you will command my Power.

Use it wisely, for everything you do, my Enemy will be allowed
to do as well. The Balance is delicate, and Grandfather
Drakkhon wont be cheated. Fear no Evil, for only Toshrak
can attack you, and only when the Time has come.

Go and heal the Darkness, defeat and destroy all Evil,
be a Light for every Mortal, and a Guidance for the Seekers,
gather my Armies, be the Leader they need, and through you,
my eternal Eyes shall guide the Fate of the Universe.

But I warn you, my Son, there is a third Power, named Chaos,
without Mind or Intelligence, but with vast Might, beyond
Creation it lurks, even my Enemy fears it, should Chaos,
endless and all-devouring, attack us, even Evil will not
tolerate this, and there shall be a Truce to fight the
Common Enemy, for Creation and Destruction face complete
Elimination by the mindless Power of Chaos.


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