as you come before me, chained and defeated,
you are still victorious, woman.
do you want to know why?

you have resisted darkness, i was unable to
corrupt you, you fought till the end, ready
to die for your faith, and what was in your

your death will come quickly, of that there is
no doubt, for i cannot suffer you to live.
but no further pain you shall feel, no
humiliation and no torture, for you are worthy.

my black eyes have seen into your mind and deep
into your soul, and there lies your secret,
priestess, your utmost strength, an emotion
i cannot overcome or combat or destroy.

it is love. my enemy, my eternal downfall, my
undoing, my nemesis, my poison, my death.
only my immense hatred can hold its own here,
or i will perish in the face of a power far older
than me.

such a power, equal to mine, from a mortal, weak
and short lived, i have to acknowledge, and bow to.
toshrak, avatar of darkness, vessel of the black
god, greets you as equal in this short struggle.

my sword will sever your head from your neck, give
you a quick honorable death, and your flesh will be
burned, the ashes thrown into the waters of fate.
your soul will go to my enemy, your love with you.

humans like you are worthy to be called enemies,
even when their mortal forms die, they are a fire
of faith, ready to return in times of need. you
will be a formidable enemy next time we meet.

now die, priestess. and be hailed as heroine amonst
your people. for even toshrak admitted defeat
in front of you.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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