Mr. White

“Is Mr. White your only Name?”

“No, I have many.”

“Who are you?”

“I cannot tell you that.”

“Where do you come from?”

“Out of the Past.”

“Are you the only one?”

“No. There are many, but I am unique.”

“They have shot you. You are not bleeding?”

“I cannot die like this. I will heal.”

“Is there Hope?”

“There is always Hope, my Friend.”

“Whom do you fight?”

“I fight everything Mr. Black stands for.”

“Who is Mr. Black?”

“He is the opposite Side. My Enemy.”

“What will happen, when you two meet? Who will win?”

“We will fight, as it was meant to be. Who wins, is uncertain.”

“Is Mr. Black stronger?”


“What happenes if you lose?”

“The World will sink into Darkness once more.”

“What can we do?”

“You can pray. And have Faith. And do Good instead of Evil.”

“Is there a God?”

“Your Soul knows.”

“Will you ease our Suffering? Protect us? Help us?”

“I will, as I always have.”

“I am dying. It hurts so much.”

“It will go away now. Always remember, Death is only a Gate.”

“I am very afraid.”

“Yes. Look into my Eyes. Let go now. I am with you.”

Mr. White stood up. Death was always painful. He felt it every time.
But at the Moment of Departure, an endless Joy flooded out of the
liveless flesh, the Soul departing for better Lands. Police Sirens
filled the Night, while Mr. White merged with the Darkness and
left the dead Body alone.


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