In a dark moonless Night, Caleris sought out Sovalkon in the Woods
where he stood motionless for Hours. He knew she was coming, just
as he was aware of all Beings, his Mind had grown and the Power of
a God infused him.

Caleris approached Sovalkon from behind and gently laid a Hand
upon his Shoulder. He didnt move at first, but turned around then,
gazed into her Eyes. For an endless Moment there were no Words but his
Finger, trailing her Chin, and his Eyes looking into hers, until
she averted her Gaze, not being able to bear his Presence.

There was a long Silence and Caleris dared not look into the Eyes
of Sovalkon again. His Aura and his otherworldy Complexion reminded
her that the Love of her Past had gone. Words seemed not necessary,
while Sovalkon touched her Shoulders and embraced her gently. It
was like an Excuse, an Explanation, that Sovalkon’s Heart was now
far away, not anymore concerned with her, at the Command of a God.

Caleris cried for a long Time, while Sovalkon held her, his Face
an Expression of cold Stone against the Darkness. He felt her Sadness,
her Defeat, her destroyed Hope, that he would return as her Lover again.
Evil smiles now, Sovalkon thought, for he knew Toshrak saw this and
Caleris would be a Target for him to attack.

Sovalkons Love had been forbidden, in his mortal Life, he had to serve
his God, and not love a Woman, Creed of a Paladin. But there was
Caleris, her Lure was great, her Love was true, and so Sovalkon fell,
and in a Night, not unlike this one, they sealed a Pact, of Lust and
Love, gentle and wild. Sovalkon left her, with the Promise to be back,
but then, his God called, he died and came back, and all Mortality
is now a Dream of the Past.

Caleris finally looked up. “Do you love me? Do you recognize me?”,
she asked, while Sovalkon closed his Eyes and held her tight. There
was no Answer from his God now, only total Silence, and the Avatar
of Light was alone with his Responsibility. There was Love still,
but Love for all Beings, and Caleris held a special Place in his Heart
but it wasnt the Love a mortal Man could give her.

“I am different now. But I know of our Past.”, was all he managed.
Caleris slapped his Face, wrestled free of his Embrace and turned
away. In the Distance Wolves howled, and Toshrak laughed. Sovalkon
tried to get near her, but she drew her Sword and pointed it at
his Heart. “I know I cannot kill you anymore, Avatar, but I’ll try
if you get your immortal Hands on me again!”, she hissed. Sovalkon
sighed and halted. He felt Grief, and Pain, his own and hers, and
remembered the Love of his mortal Self, how they spent some Nights
together, in Warmth, and Silence, and Security.

” I remember it all, Caleris. I am not dead inside. But it is so
distant, so strange, I am lost, cannot describe it, I have changed
so much you wouldnt believe. But I am sorry, so endlessly sorry.
I didnt want to abandon you, but Fate, my Faith, you know of it,
when my God called I had to answer, there was no Choice.”, Sovalkon
said and gripped the Blade with his Hand, there was Pain, but no

Caleris sheathed her Blade, freed it violently from his Grasp.
The Wound in his Hand closed quickly. She looked into his Eyes, full
of Anger, Hatred and cursed him. “You always loved your God more
than me. Is this how you repay my Feelings? You immortal Idiot!
Would your God be of the Light he would have saved our Love. This
uncaring and cruel Deity is just the same as his Counterpart!”

Caleris spat onto the Ground, ran to her Horse, and rode away.
Not once did she look back. And Sovalkon Shadizar, Avatar of the
Light, once Paladin of the God of Light, remained in the Night,
silent and broken.


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