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Die Tannenburg, Nentershausen (Hessen)


Crush the Barrier of Realities,
let the Armies through,
greet them as a Lord you never were
and lead them to a gruesome Battle

Darkness is the Weapon of Choice,
evil Monstrosities are the Machine of War,
get your Retaliation, your Revenge,
now you are so mighty

Seek out your Enemies, one by one,
destroy them with all your Power,
let nobody remain alive,
for now the Time of the Reaper has come

Once the Deed is done,
and Ashes remain of all your Enemies,
you are alone, what a glorious Victor,
the Winner of the Fight

In the End, you die alone,
for all have gone, be it through your Hand or not,
Evil is an Instrument of Corruption,
and you, of all Beings, have been tainted the most