the light came, and it said in a deep grave voice to jalath:

“you are free now, your suffering has ended, my blade brings
you welcomed death, end to all torture, and peaceful afterlife
in ilianq”

jalath, the deformed, asked for a choice. and it was given. to
die now, to get rid of all evil, all pain, all suffering, all
humiliation and all torture or to live, be a mortal sign of
resistance, of defiance.

unbelievable as it was, jalath did not choose merciful death.
his nature, his power, formed by all he had endured, be it at
the hands of evil, or his own aching flesh, had made him
strong. stronger than darkness.

unlike kror of the swamps, who is a mighty monster with a pure
heart, a great champion, who is going to be released by toshrak,
as a sign of honor, jalath built his might on the foundation of
resisting, against all odds, and this found admiration in the
eye of the god of light. blessed you shall be, jalath, once your
true death comes, and you shall sit at the table of a god,
teaching, thinking, and finally healing from all harm that was
done to you.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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