Prayers answered

“Why do you help me?”, asked the Whore.

“You have earned it. You are a good Soul.”, answered Mr. White.

“They have my Daughter. They have Guns, if they find out about you,
they kill you!”

“I know where your Daughter is. I will free her. Dont worry about
me, I am not that easy to kill.”

Mr. White looked at her naked Body. Scars, Bruises, she was shivering.
Her eyes wide, frightened. He wrapped her gently into a Blanket and
sat beside her.

“Even if you are some kind of Soldier, they are organized! I saw what
they can do! They killed braver men than you!”

“As I said, your suffering will end. Your daughter and you will follow
me to a safe Haven. I will protect you as long as I have to.”

“Why? Just why? I have prayed to God but he never answered. And now I
should believe you to be an Angel rescuing me, A Whore? And her Daughter?”

“Have Faith. God has heard you. And His Plan includes you. I will go now,
you are safe here. If something happenes nonetheless, I will know. Be silent,
dont open the Door. I will return with your Daughter.”

Before the Woman could say something, Mr. White left the room.


Shattered Doors, Guns fired. Mr. White was hit. Red is his Blood, but Death
cannot come, but Pain, as always. He has to kill now, endanger the Balance,
and some of those Men, Rapists, Criminals, Murderers, they have earned Death.
It is an Organisation dealing with Human Flesh. There are more Girls to free.
Mr. White hates Killing, but this Time there shalt be no Mercy. Mr. Black
will feel all this, and be free to kill as well. Always there is a Price to
pay. After a while Police arrives, takes those Girls into protective
Custody. Mr. White changes Appearance, leaves with the Daughter of the


Mr White leads the Whore and her Daughter to Safety. A different City,
other Names, a new Beginning. So many Questions, no Answers, Mr. White
must be silent about some Things. The Woman promises never to return
to her old Life. Mr White thanks her for that, blesses the Two. He
knows that her Daughter will play an important Role in the Grand Scheme.
But all these Deaths have tainted Mr. White, he has to cleanse himself,
he feels dirty, corrupted, an oily Slime upon his immaculate Skin. The
Rituals once more. He needs Silence and Peace. Gabriel White says
Goodbye to the Woman and her Daughter and flees Humanity for a little


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