First Light

Unimaginable, we have fallen from Grace
cast out of Heaven, banished from the Light,
fallen to Earth, reconstructed in mortal Form,
now we age, we suffer, we cry.

Impure, tainted and corrupted,
concerned with Flesh, Passion and Greed,
full of Hatred, lusting for War,
Angels became Demons soon enough.

We can never return, only through Death,
and that is uncertain, for we must atone for
our Sins, hard will be Judgement, and shameful
our Acceptance. There is no Way out.

Rekindle your Light, find Strength in Faith,
do what is right, fight what is wrong,
live a Life of Solitude and Sadness,
and search for others like you.

There is always Hope, Love is the mightiest of Forces,
but this Land is black, and there is no Place to flee to,
learn to wield your Weapons, be prepared to fight,
but never ever color your Soul black with Murder.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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