Man Wolf

when the first holy time comes,
envisioned by mother gaia,
all of you are put to the test.
those who pass, live.

as it is tradition, you will submit yourself,
under the watchful eyes of the venerable and old,
proud, and oh yes, fearful, but with a heart of courage,
your life will change, your power will grow.

there are traitors, cursed ones, evil doers,
they shame our ancestry, they spit on our tradition,
you will take part in the great glorious hunt,
but never taste or swallow their flesh, for it is rotten.

many enemies we have, be it man, wolf or evil spirit,
they are our constant reminder: we must fight for our life!
small is the number of our people, but strong we are indeed.
not easily killed, our mother gave us endurance and strength.

our oath is not different from those who serve the light,
we uphold honor, compassion, virtue, and the wild beauty of life.
those of good heart are our friends, all others are foes.
in times of need, there shall be unity amonst all tribes.

listen to the beast, do never obey it, follow its tracks,
and learn its ways, make peace with it, but be in control,
and feel the rush of neverending life.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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