Delicate Balance

to use your power means to threaten the balance.

channel the fire of your soul, obliterate the demons one by one,
burn away evil with your righteous gaze, bring back life to those
killed, face omun’s wrath in defiance, all this is possible.

what you do, the other can do as well. changed, twisted, full of malice.

weigh your choices, avatar, decide wisely, and let him act first.
always look for small wonders, little deeds, and careful plans.
bait him, wait it out, and arm yourself against mortal’s suffering.

the time of shattering comes. let us not provoke it too early.

when balance breaks, all out war ensues, grandfather dragon rises from
the core, we will be ready, the doors of ilianq will open, countless
warriors will go forth, and hell erupts on the earthen fields of your

balance is a shackle, a pain, but a necessity. the all-power wills it.

chaos swirls in the outer black darkness. it is neither good, nor evil.
chaos cares not for our wars, it swallows us all equally. the dragons
fled the chaos a long time ago. its might is as great as the all-power.
there might come a time when good and evil merge to face chaos again.

everything consists of two sides. balance between it.

if you pray to evil, or to good, they are part of the all-power. two
gods become one. you might call your enemy brother. but as the law
dictates, there shall always be war between them. light and darkness
in eternal struggle. only grandfather dragon protects this balance.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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