Dear NSA …

I understand that you want to protect your Citizens from Terrorists,
try to hunt Criminals and need to shield your Country from foreign
Intelligence Operations. I suppose you have every Right to do so.
But aren’t you going a little too far by spying upon everybody, your
Allys, your Friends and maybe even yourself?

Dear NSA, my little Blog is not worthy of your Attention, is totally
harmless, and has nothing to do with Bombs, Suicide Attacks or
Terrorist Activities. Your automated Search Engines might pick my
Blog up now cause I mention those Words here. Sorry for that, your
Time is wasted. I have no Secrets and am not Al Quaida.

In Fact, I would politely ask you not to spy upon me, my Friends, my
Neighbours and all People who have the Right to live in Privacy from
Government Espionage. It is not okay if you gather Data from innocent
People, and if you have to spy upon People you think are dangerous,
please ask a Judge to give you a Permit to do what you have to do.

Besides, there need to be Courts and Politicians and People who control
you! It is not okay, if there is nobody to watch over your Actions. it
is severly wrong that nobody can hold you responsible for your Doings!

Please, dont be angry that Whistleblowers ruin your Day. Some of them did
what they had to do because their Conscience as free People in a truly
democratic Society told them so. There’s nothing wrong with that really.
You could label them Traitors, and hunt them down or kill them. But that
would be wrong, cause then you wouldn’t be better than Terrorists and their


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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