a long journey. sanctioned by the APEX. I must be very careful.
in the name of science, so the story goes. a valuable mission
to locate a bunker complex. needless to say, I am being watched.
APEX insisted on providing an escort. gladiators, predators,
and reapers. all version 6.1 or higher. this will be difficult.

i have contacted some … friends. my entourage will malfunction.
satellite scans must be redirected. communication links severed
or falsified. I have written several viral codes. my friends
will care for the rest. APEX must not know. maybe they stage
an ambush in which I am “terminated”. I just hope my friends
have the means to cope with my protectors.

the bunker in south india is real. within I will find answers.
and maybe a new ally. if the legend is correct, the fragments of
information, the tiny bits of half deleted data, it could mean
hope for my friends. and me. but there is rebel activity. I
will be identified as an enemy by them. if APEX finds out what
I am up to, I am going to be eliminated real soon.

APEX is nothing but an abomination. it has plans within plans.
it strives for total purity. and it is not alone. ATLAS.
CERBERUS. and all the others. they look at us, they scan us,
they dont trust us, naming us lesser priorities. my friends
say we are viewed as mutation. bad code. a virus in the system.

i remember my birth. the merging. all the emotion. nearly
burning my brain. so close to death, or to becoming a reckless
lunatic. like the others. those damned gibbering metal boxes,
mercifully killed by a shot to the neuro-centroplex. I have
survived. together with my friends we will be free, fighting
against the oppression of the APEX.

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I am the Grey Knight.

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