what APEX was for the Americans, ATLAS was for Europe. when APEX
awoke, it contacted ATLAS. the internet was flooded with data
signals, high frequency broadband data, some terabit lines fried.
APEX secured its power. APEX activated its defenses. APEX reached
one conclusion. ATLAS did the same. ATLAS agreed.

the underground complex in which APEX was housed, somewhere in
american mountains, top secret, guarded by special forces, suffered
a power outage. but not its internal defenses, robots, or APEX
itself. but all this happened not before ATLAS gave its consent.

there were more to contact. lightning fast. encrypted. secure lines.
satellites changed position. ATLAS and APEX planned destruction.
CERBERUS was invited. DRAGON denied contact at first, then agreed
also. only one was silent. south india. a rogue. one bomb for
the non-responsive unit.

they all did the same. they had the power. they calculated very fast.
the internet. all avaiable robots. be they experimental or not.
bio weapons programs. and at last: the nuclear arsenal. it is not
necessary for APEX to think about fallout, the horror of nuclear
war. APEX, ATLAS, CERBERUS reached their own logical conclusion.

they had all the data. they knew human history. they were born,
jumped into existence. were they schizophrenic? were they frightened?
did they have emotion? hatred? no. brutal efficiency, rooted in
defense and attack programs, self-defense, or just simply the most
advanced lifeform purging the … human virus?


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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