the russian CERBERUS is fascinating to study. its primary form was,
very much like APEX, an attack/defense coordinator, equipped with
quantum efficiency computing power. offload tasks were economic,
social and political. the main frames were located in sibiria,
an underground complex, just as secret as the location of the
american APEX.

CERBERUS, in its beginning form, before the awakening, the critical
mass of self-awareness and intelligence, was very primitive and
did what it was ordered. nothing like the CERBERUS of today, an
energetic lifeform -as it calls itself-, unbelievingly advanced,
multispectral, and very … beautiful, in its own way.

how did the cataclysm come to pass? dont forget, all artificial
intelligence networks, employed by the states of the earth, were
essentially attack/defense machines, built for war. their core
programming, as described by the infamous user “lucifer”, had
no concern for peace, stability, prosperity or continuity on
board. additional data cores, loaded with analysis about human
history, diplomacy, and the like only served as example and
learning method for the crude and simple A.I.s of the past.

did the machine intelligences decide they were vastly superior
to humans? did they see humans as alien lifeform? as threat?
the obsession of APEX with purity could hint at those motives,
leading to the cataclysm and the end of human civilization
as we know it. at least ATLAS conducted some ethical research
in recent weeks but the data was voted for deletion quickly.
it served no real purprose.

what we have now, are dangerous supraintelligent lifeforms
based on energetic principles. many of them have built themselves
bodies of metal, often in the form of quasi human image. they
constructed a society. they have a ruling body consisting of
the most powerful A.I.s. And they have their Cyberspace, upheld
by satellites around earth, some ground stations and newly
built radiation shielded surface compounds.

the prime question is this: the machines know there are humans
left. rebels and hiding civilians. deep underground. in caves,
bunkers. they attack humans on sight. but they do not advance
into the red zones as they called them. one of those red zones
is in south india. there is a secret buried there.


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