Mr. Black

you heard about gabriel white. now it is time to tell you
about his counterpart, damien black. the name black alone
might be so much cliche. and damien, a very unsubtle
cheesy hommage to the omen horror movies. but that is how
he decided to call himself.

mr. damien black gave himself never-aging beauty. it was
necessary for his goals and he liked it that way. made
some things very easy, he found out. especially with
women. money and power were also very important. for
someone like him trivial to attain. so mr. black built
himself a business empire out of nothing in record time.
he had vast experience, knowledge, intelligence,
cunning and absolutely no ethics whatsoever.

which was incorrect in at least some cases. if mr. black
met a soul he could not corrupt, he spared it. he valued
this power, this anti-thesis to himself very much and
respected it. all others were game. to be used, abused
and thrown away as he wished.

mr. black monitored the actions of mr. white very carefully.
they were destined to fight each other, but avoided that
confrontation most of the time. they were also bound by
old laws and a desire to keep the balance. of course,
balance was a precarious thing to attain, and sometimes
outright boring.

mr. black is now one of the richest men on earth. he has
excellent connections to organized crime, terrorists,
dictatorship states. he sells weapons, drugs, people,
illegal things, you name it, he’s got it. for a price.
his image in the press is that of a very noble business
man, donating for charity, being friends with high ranking
officials, and wealthy business circles. no secret
government organisation was able to track him. almost,
as if he had a magical talent to be invisible when it


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