Fifty Shades of Grey!!!

I’ll write this half german, half english, or only english,
or klingon, or whatever. i am so very much desperate to have
moar klicks on my blog that i am not in the least ashamed
to use fifty shades of grey as reference in this post!


maybe we need a band of klingons to invade mr. greys home,
destroy it completely and send him to rura pente? and
anastasia to a federation mental correction facility?
ups, make that a cardassian institution!

pro tipp: read all the absolutely hilarious reviews of
“fifty” on the internet!


liebe männergemeinde, wir sind total am arsch. mit diesem
absoluten idealtypus der spezies mann namens christian grey
können wir uns nicht messen! weder sind wir billionäre,
noch können wir helikopter fliegen, noch sind wir dermassen
dazzingly hübsch! ordinäre durchschnittstypen, die wir sind,
geraten wir in vergessenheit, werden geschmäht, unsere
waschbärbäuche und schütterne haupthaarprächtigkeiten,
gepaart mit minimum-wage job stürzen uns ins absolute
single-nichts! foreva! was, der grey typ ist nicht echt,
sondern nur ne romanfigur?



the only thing we can be grumpy about is the fact that
e.l. james is now rich and we are not. its as simple as that.


every man wants his own anastasia steele! she’s so cute!
and so skinny! she’s so sexually open and free! she likes
all the KINKY FUCKERY! (this word, this word alone,
*quadruple facepalm*) and she has her own inner goddess!
and a subconscious! wonderful! not in the least cheesy,
childlike or unnerving. and she’s so clumsy! how sweet!


the legions of women liking shades of grey must be endless!
there are fan internet pages, there are fan meetings,
there is all kinds of stuff relating to fifty shades.
like a zombie apocalypse this is an epic event, in which
all industrial nations are swarmed with endless hordes of
new BDSM-converts. you cannot escape! join the kinky masses!
or prepare for the WALKING SHADES! all survivalists prepare!


BDSM! omigod, its kinky fuckery! do yourself a favor and read
better books if you wanna know more about this lifestyle.
fifty shades of grey is severly misrepresentative of it.
many knowledgable people discuss the relationship between
mr. grey and mrs. steele as abusive, dangerous and without
safe zone. baddest dom of the year award goes to: mr. grey!
baddest sub of the year award goes to: yeah, u know it.


revolutionary idea! show e.l. james how it is done properly.
write your own erotic bdsm story! and call your hero mr.
black! (very original) and damien! (very omen like). but
wait. we twist the story. lets see if this writing experiment
could be successful! (or my english severly lacking for it)
damn, i should write this on my other blog. the raunchy one.
(not really) maybe ping pong it between my blogs. good idea!


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