Camp 437

after the cataclysm, APEX had several research programs running
to determine the future course of action concerning the remnants
of mankind. hunting teams were constructed, with non-lethal
weaponry, to secure different human specimen for evaluation and
experimentation. usually, one unit scanned surviving humans,
determined one or two fitting individuals, those were caught,
the rest exterminated. camp 437 was notorious for its gruesome
experiments on humans by APEX.

sensory deprivation cells held humans of different age, ethnicity
and gender. they were spied upon by countless cameras, microphones
and medical detectors.

medical experimentation included mutilation, drug adminstering,
viral and bacteriological infection. med bots were retrofitted
for this task. all avaiable data was recorded and analysed.

a different branch of medical experimentation consisted of
creating a human-machine interface hybrid. this research was
mostly unsuccessful for nearly every hybrid turned out to
become a crazy suicidal machine. the project was quickly
abandoned when APEX decided to focus more on technological
purity and saw biological matter as degenerate.

psychological experiments also included torture of humans and
countless interrogation sessions where a flat computer voice
always asked the same questions.

behavioural experiments were used to coerce humans into submitting
to machine rule. some were outfitted with brain control mechanisms,
others broken by drugs or psychological terror.

APEX was most interested in emotion, a concept it had difficulty
understanding and classified as dangerously erratic. nevertheless,
emotion was a valuable tool to understand human behaviour which was
strange and not always predictable. APEX did not share its findings with
the other intelligences and did not know if they conducted similar

camp 437 was known to human survivors as butcher’s block. some
got out and fled, but it soon became apparent that APEX let them
go to spread the word about the atrocities that happened there.
fear, APEX conducted, and terror, were appropriate tools for
this kind of warfare experiment. all in all, APEX didnt have to
rely on that kind of strategy cause its robotic death squads
controlled the country side, usually exterminating organized
resistance by force.


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