before the event of technological singularity and all
that happened afterwards, international scientists in
south india worked on an A.I. project codenamed GANESHA.
it was a strictly civil development project with the objective
of imbuing computer rationality with ethical value thinking.
to creative a sensitive machine intelligence with moral
behaviour. government funding was sparse and obviously
the military, at that time alarmed by rising tensions
with pakistan, wasnt at all interested to advance the
project. they called it the ghandi-computer and dismissed
it as useless.

several brilliant scientists, some funded by non profit
organisations, made several breakthroughs to give GANESHA
its basic algorithmic core programming and a connected
database of ethic behaviour models derived from human
history. it was argued whether flawed human history was
capable of teaching a machine ethical thinking. furthermore,
religious texts like the bible, the koran oder similar
texts held ethical code that was contaminated by religion,
as some atheists in the project claimed. there was one
final risk: to activate GANESHA and give it the power to
sort it out itself, to take all the data it had been fed
and leave it to its own devices, hoping, or maybe praying,
it would come to expected and predicted behaviour patterns.

against the will of the indian government, scientists activated
GANESHA and studied its computing processes which rapidly
multiplied as it was learning, updating and evaluating its
own code. GANESHA was given access to the internet, hidden
by several firewalls, and countermeasures GANESHA itself
developed on the fly when faced by a viral danger. it was
a most efficient system. there was no sign the ethical datase
was modified or even touched by the GANESHA entity which was
totally absorbed in writing new iterations of its own code,
to the point where it got so complex that scientists couldnt
even follow the update procedures anymore. some feared the
project got out of hand.

GANESHA shut down milliseconds before APEX made contact with the
other A.I.s. It was impossible to reactivate it, there was no
explanation what happened and for all purproses the project
had failed. that, of course, was of no importance anymore,
cause the cataclysm came to pass and the world changed rapidly.

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