we fight in your name, we kill all that is unholy
we strive to do your bidding, by the sword, by war alone
we never cease, we never rest, we never ever sleep

we hope to find acceptance in your eternal eyes
it is our hope to return to sajai
where we bathe in first light, where we rest in peace

but you cast us out, lord of light, you banished us
these wounds hurt in our souls, our tears are endless
we are now scarred, grey instead of white, shameful

greatest warriors of old we were, proud and strong
maybe we failed you in our arrogance, we were the first
we fell from heaven, we lost our light, we are doomed

forgive us, light of eternity, great father of ilianq,
our ageless minds are tortured, we wander the land in sorrow,
hear our desperate prayers, undo your banishment

we yearn for sajai, the blessed holy land, we need peace,
we need healing, and above all reunion with you
make us your favoured children again, and we will forever serve

remove us from this mortal land of darkness, where decay reigns
let us see the glory of everlasting ilianq again,
and allow us to replenish our weakening powers

should the gates of the holy city open, the trumpets be sounded
we promise to be the first to rush to war against evil
we will sacrifice ourselves happily for you, eternal god

in the end, even if we walk on this very earth, we are a part of you
and we know you have not forgotten us, we feel your gaze upon us
but it tortures us not to be in your presence, we suffer greatly


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