Void Glider

from deep behind the stars, the void gliders come,
magnificent, strong, in their bellys death and destruction.
steered by captains of war, commanded by generals of order,
and overseen by the great council.

one planet, sparkling blue in the darkness of space,
one moon, orbiting in silence,
one sun, glowing bright yellow,
the name of our destination is what they call earth.

we bring order, we bring peace, we also demand obedience.
primitives are purged, the worthy shall live.
you will serve the order of things, under the rule of the righteous.
there is no alternative but destruction.

vast is the power we bring, clad in metal and energy,
our minds, our alien flesh, encased in armor, like your knights of old,
we are very unlike you, very strange, very frightening,
our faces are eternally hidden, our masks are cold ice.

we promise peace and prosperity, but only to those we choose.
we destroy murder, war, injustice, hunger, poverty.
we are the solution, you are the problem, but no more.
humanity will be lead into the future, by force.

you will resist. your cities will burn. we retaliate. we purge.
your strength is known, we studied you for a long time.
your weakness is your downfall, searing energy from the sky.
a fraction of your race will survive, we grant you life.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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