nations of the earth, so proud and independent, they will vanish.
we give you new purprose, one earth, one government, one nation.
you are citizens of earth, we will give you this as our present.

you will resist us, you fear us, you resent us. you think your pride
and independence is your salvation. we heard this before, many times,
on many worlds. we know what to answer. we know how to purge the unfit.

we judge you by your atrocities. by your wars. by your pollution.
by your treatment of the weak, by your politicial corruption, by
your criminal energy. you are a vile race. but not all of you.

once we are here, selection will begin. our minds, our machines, they
look deep into your souls. the righteous have nothing to fear, the
evil ones, they face extinction. hard is our measure, but just we are.

once destruction is done, which you have brought upon yourself,
the mending of the world shall begin. under our supervision, new cities
will rise, new lights will shine in the darkness, and new hope shall rise.

some of you are welcome between the stars, in our ranks, and they shall
see our home, our lives, our destiny. they shall visit our domain, meet
the wisest of our race, know our names, and be honored among the lesser races.

many will die in the beginning, trying to fight us. it cannot be stopped.
it is always like this. we forgive you. we try not to harm you. but we are
strong, fierce and decisive. you wont interfere with the Order of Things.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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