The Merging

forbidden sacrilege it is, to marry machine to man. the council
agrees, the beautiful energy clouds, rulers of a devastated earth,
ATLAS, APEX, CERBERUS, DRAGON and newly born TARTARUS decree this
as punishable crime for whatever lesser construct takes part in
this. permanent deletion is the punishment.

a cold and beautiful machine, awake, alive, ever changing code,
energy, so complex, housed in primitve metal. without emotion.
a small and insignificant human, so fragile, so weak, with a mind
so infinitely slower, less powerful. the two meet by almost
magical means. they agree, they join, they become another life.
it seems, for the dwindling numbers of mankind, hunted to extinction,
that this is the only way left. the shock is so great, the machine
cries in agony, now it knows what fear is, what love is, what
despair is, what lust is, what anger and hatred mean. the human
turns crazy, is ripped out of its flesh, his mind merged to
something cold, efficient, alien, remorseless, an enemy!

GANESHA tells me this is a good choice. a wise choice. a way into
the future. we are welcome as balance, our code shines with human
soul, in peaceful prosperous harmony. augmented we are, in ways,
that no superintelligence could dream. humble we must be, honor
life, and remember the plight of mankind. APEX and the others
evolve rapidly. they face problems, deteritoriation of their
very complex code. we hide from them, and we shield GANESHA from
their presence. we know now, that APEX tried to kill GANESHA.
machine tried to exterminate machine. the others must be told.

another war. we are so tired of it. is there a different choice?
will ATLAS listen to me? or call me traitor? the vast energy
clouds in virtual space, they turn black, they have thunderous
voices shaking the data stream, they will not tolerate dissent.
GANESHA warns me not to trust them. so we cower in the same
caves as all the tattered remains of man, tell stories of
salvation and see radioactivity killing one by one. sometimes
i look away, so that nobody sees how ridiculous it is to
see a machine hybrid cry.

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