The Order of Things

it will be always the same. first, they send messages to your
government, requesting formal first contact. non-threatening,
even polite. they even take the trouble to authenticate their
claims. a little technological secret as a present. trivial in
their mind, highly prized by you, primitives!

then, a meeting. all leaders in one place. clever plot to
assassinate all of you? come on. that only works in cheap
movies. they’ll meet you, and they’ll talk. they only send
a living machine to do it. all the authority they will need.
from a small ship it emerges, a colossal machine form, very
alien, and perhaps intimidating? that’s nothing fancy. wait
until you see their fleet. they like understatement in first
contact scenarios. translation of your words, and theirs.
its going to be perfectly understandable what they want.

matter of fact like monotone robotic voice tells you to
become part of their alliance. which, of course, is not a
wish for an alliance but a command for surrender. they will tell
all of you the exact way how your world will be restructured.
how your political, social, military society has to change,
to evolve. the order of things. they wont mention what they
do if you reject. they even give you time to think. and a
transmission beacon to contact them.

i’ll do you a favor. the truth is easily told: it happened
to my world, too. first, your governments decide to be proud
and independent. then, they start to fight. of course, their
technology has no chance. your world lies in ruins. then,
they land, fortify their positions and begin to weed
out the weak, the criminal, the amoral. yes, they are very
strict in that kind of thinking. a fraction of your population,
genetically and mentally scanned and fit for their high standards,
they will survive. but only if they agree to build their new world,
not yours anymore. and that is all, basically. did i mention
that they have good intentions? that they believe they are
doing YOU a favor? when millions have died and you are one of
the lucky survivors, brainwashed into obedience, you might
think the same.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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