Greatest Power?

the key to salvation might be to extend a hand to others,
to rescue stranded souls, to mend and heal festering wounds.

the war against evil might not be won on the battlefield,
brutality, force, and power corrupt the truest soul.

some of us might think they are great knights, and champions of good,
born to fight demons, cleansers of corruption in the land.

but their true call could be to heal, not to fight, and that
might be even more powerful, for it lets us shine ourselves.

glory, renown, a name of power, greatness, a light in darkness.
that is to be won in battle. it has its place, but it can fade.

to drag a soul out of the abyss, to help a life’s fire to rekindle,
this could very well last forever, a treasure so insubstantial.

and in the end, it could be, that evil in your own heart, hatred
and anger, evaporates by assisting others, for good always birthes good.

humble you shall be, of your imperfection you shall know, and of
your limits, we are all mortal and flawed. some might fall back into nothingness.

but every soul you help to save, will shine a thousand times. and hope
might not be lost, even in the deepest bowels of hell. have faith.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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