you walk the earth since the beginning of time, you change
shape, you live lives, you serve good, yet, you are a killer,
a murderer, a criminal. not in the least better than your enemy.

every death, every destruction of an evil man is a black spot
on your white jacket, it is death you deal, in revenge,
in cold blood, in hatred even. you are no angel of mercy.

gabriel white, there are so many names, but you always sooner or
later return to this one, can you call yourself white after all
those bloody stains on your immaculate hands? you are a monster.

you know the rules. every kill allows your adversary to do the same.
how short sighted you are, rampaging inquisitor, to punish evil by
destroying it so completely. you endanger the balance, fool.

should you not be an absolute example of eternal peace? how god has
envisioned it? what does he tell you in prayer, in silent deserted
churches where he watches you? to wield a flame sword in defiance?

too much human you have become, seeking justice by earthly means,
a bullet to the brain, revenge for atrocity, the breaking of a neck,
as repayment for torture and crime, all hail, gabriel, executioner.

are you drunken by your power? immortal, indestructible, only
susceptible to the powers of your final adversary? you could be a
god on earth! eliminate your enemy and reign supreme!

god should let you fail, strip you of your power and cast you out,
into the nether void, where demons laugh and angels never walk,
punish you by defeat, destruction and painful recreation!


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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