julio garcia. mexican drug cartel.
viktoria soloshenko. russian mafia.
akira fukoshawa. japanese yakuza.
stephen craig. american CIA.
ahmed al’farra. arab al quaeda.
shong ting wao. chinese triads.
mario canuzzi. italian ndrangheta.
atieno mugabe. african death squadron.

the strings of life are intertwined. some things change, in a very
special way. some oily black souls are dragged out of hell. an
epiphany of light. a wondrous magic. amongst slaughter, murder,
perversion, death, evil, walks a white hope. unbelievers are taught
what hides behind the walls of reality. some called him angel,
others alien, he shall be neither to all of you.

in a night full of change and repentance, tears come to the eyes of
every hardenend warrior. all sins are counted and laid bare. souls
are purged by the light. they hear his name, they listen, even if
they deny it all. gabriel white teaches them the error of their ways.
they try to fight him, they cannot. in horror they watch and surrender.

reality is broken. truth is told. ancient is everything mr. white has
to tell. secrets of darkness and light. and mortal souls, fighting
since the beginning of mankind. holy symbols. a god watching all
things. and evil lurking below. and above. and in the souls of all
who were chosen. now is your time to be created anew.

your sins cannot be undone. your darkness will always accompany you.
and hell awaits you at the end. but one promise i do have, if you
follow my prophecy: there shall be hope, salvation at the end, after
a very long cycle of suffering, cleansing and prayer. i offer freedom.
but it comes at a price: become my warriors. and fight all you have been.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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