crazy voices in my head. calling me, luring me, arguing with me.
they want me to leave the shithole i live in. throw away the
bottles of alcohol, my daily drug, amidst other more potent drugs.
they tell me of cleansing, a new future, a better world order.

they promise me a new life. a rebirth. undoing all the damage i
have done to myself. no more depression, anxiety, addiction.
i’ll be free, with their powerful help. free and useful and
strong, and a vision of a new mankind under their guidance.

yeah, drugs make you hear and see things. my brain is a devastated
mess right now. more illusions dancing on my very early grave.
but its so damn real. as if i would dream with open eyes. hear
strong voices. they know so much about me. my downfall. myself.

my sickness advances. some form of cancer. cause of my descent into
this abyss. drug abuse takes its toll, too. most of they day, its
nothing more than being barely alive, in some abandoned factory
warehouse. somehow they found me, they say. and they want to change me.

when i am sober, i argue with them. that i am too weak to come to
them. they have to pick me up somehow. but they dont exist! these
illusions of great angelic bullshit beauty. they say they show me
how they look like so that i may believe. i answer by cursing them.

in the end, they were persistent. and i was a fool. they did indeed
come. only one of them. sneaky. in disguise. they tell me they are
already here, hiding, infiltrating, scanning, scouting. highly
organized, very efficient. why me? what do i have that they want?

i have decided to go with them. last straw of hope. they greet me
with joy. my choice was right, they say to me. they see something
inside me, that is worthy. they will heal me. in exchange i shall
be their soldier for mankinds fate. this choice keeps me alive.


About sovalkon

I am the Grey Knight.

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